Control Systems Security – What is the Offense Doing?

August 30, 2018 (10:00am EST)


In order to do well at cyber defense, it can be very helpful to see yourself and your org from the attackers’ point of view. This session will focus on offensive technology, practices, etc. It’s likely few or none of the members do offensive work at present, though depending on country affiliation, some of us will have performed that role during military service.

This session will answer questions like:

  • Who are the threat actors and what are their motivations?
  • What parts of government typically take on this role?
  • What tools do both adversaries and government actors use?
  • What organized activities are ongoing?

NOTE: This meetup has already taken place.  Paid members are able to access the recorded content at

Discussion Leader: Clint Bodungen

Clint has over 20 years experience as a Cybersecurity Researcher, Risk Analyst, Penetration Tester, and Developer (12+ years specialized in ICS/SCADA Cybersecurity), covering in every facet of a cybersecurity project/program and SDLC, from advanced technical development to management. As vice-president of ICS Cyber Security at Leo Cyber Security, he is responsible for building a world-class ICS Cyber Security business practice, directing the vision and philosophy of the practice, establishing great strategic partnerships and relationships, identifying technological and strategic opportunities, and hiring the most skilled and experienced staff in the industry.

Discussion Leader: Jim Gilsin

Trained as an electrical engineer specialized in controls, Jim has spent most of his career involved with computers and networking, focusing on industrial network cyber security and reliability. For the past fifteen years he's been working to develop better ways to measure industrial Ethernet performance and to determine how that performance affects the overall system robustness and reliability. Jim has also been involved in developing standards for ICS cyber security through ISA99 ( Mr. Gilsin is currently the co-chair of the ISA99 committee and ISA99 working group 2 developing end-user cyber security program requirements. He has been with Kenexis Consulting since 2012, I've been putting both of these skillsets into practice helping to assess, design, and validate ICS in various industries.

Discussion Leader: Matthew Luallen

Matt Luallen is a well-respected professional with a unique background encompassing several facets of information assurance and content delivery systems surrounding business logic. Currently the founding Executive Inventor of Cybati, a critical infrastructure and control system cybersecurity education company, Mr. Luallen also served as President and Principal Consultant of Sph3r3. LLC. Prior to incorporating Sph3r3, Mr. Luallen provided strategic guidance for Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, within the Information Architecture and Cyber Security Program Office. He has extensive consulting experience within the governmental and commercial sectors including a multi-client base of corporations, financial institutions and healthcare organizations.

Mr. Luallen also is an instructor for DePaul University, the SANS Institute, Global Knowledge and has been asked to speak at many national conventions such as RSA, NetSec, and InfoSec. He continues to advance his instructional leadership in the areas of digital infrastructure architecture, security policy implementation, intrusion prevention, digital forensics analysis and system sanitization, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, formalized information assurance policy, and secure web transactional architecture.

Over the past few years Mr. Luallen has served in an advisory or consulting capacity on information architecture as well as security and computer crime with several U.S. government agencies, commercial entities and their contractors, including the National Science Foundation, FBI InfraGard Program and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Mr. Luallen also serves on the CompTIA Security+ cornerstone committee and as a member of the Council of General Advisors at the Gerson Lehrman Group.