What is Unique About a Control Systems Network?

March 29, 2018


This session will profile some of the strengths (yes there are some), weaknesses, opportunities and threats unique to the networks found in control system environments.  The SWOT related to these networks (i.e. we CAN do things you can’t do in a traditional IT networks but also cannot do some traditional items that can be done in IT networks like scanning or end point interrogation)

This session will address questions to include:  What are the largest technology gaps/holes in different types of environments?   What are the network architectures, control system protocols (Modbus, ethernetIP, DNP3, Profinet, Bacnet)? What is the difference between SCADA, DCS, and Safety systems? Where and why are there IT/OT connections? What are the interconnect controls (firewalls, physical separation, unidirectional gateway technology)?

Discussion Leader: Stuart Phillips

Mr. Phillips has over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity, networking, and unified communications. He has held leadership positions in sales, marketing, and product/program management for some of the largest vendors (Cisco, Polycom, and Avaya). Stuart has extensive experience with end users in the military, government and financial markets worldwide, covering all aspects of security. He completed his B.S. in Computer Science in California. After joining Cisco he held positions of leadership in IOS Engineering and then managed Cisco security marketing for the Asia Pacific while completing his MBA in Singapore. Later he founded and ran a subcontractor Santa Barbara Labs (SBL), for the U.S. Air Force through Lockheed Martin. SBL program managed a high-security lab for developing software models to optimize secure communications over highly degraded military satellite networks. At Unisys, Stuart is focused on security technologies adoption and transition in the industrial Internet of things. He is based in Thornton, Colorado.

Discussion Leader: Fred Gordy

Fred Gordy is an industry expert within building intelligence data analysis for building control and power monitoring systems with emphasis on cyber security. His control systems knowledge gives him insight on challenges of interlacing traditional IT environments with control systems for a cohesive and secure operational technology platform. With over 16 years in the BAS space, over 5 years of BAS cyber security and 20 years in the IT space Fred is nationally recognized as a cyber-security thought leader. Fred was Chairperson of the Cyber Security Committee for the InsideIQ 55 international member companies, Security Steering Committee Member for S.E.A.T. (Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology), founding member of Cyber Security for Control Systems Association International (CS2AI), past president and current president emeritus the Atlanta CS2AI Chapter.