Introduction to Control Systems

January 25, 2018 (10am EST)


What is considered a Control System, its fundamental characteristics?  What is Operational Technology (OT) SCADA, Building Automation Systems (BAS).   Compared to enterprise IT, what are the most important similarities and differences? Why is security different in these networks?  How is IT/OT Convergence blurring the lines and creating new challenges.  Where do IIoT, healthcare networks and embedded medical devices, camera systems, planes, trains and automobiles, elevator systems fit?  What does automation really mean?

This session will address questions to include:  How old are these systems? What does resiliency mean? Reliability?  How important is safety?

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Discussion Leader: Dr. Michael Chipley

Dr. Chipley is the President of The PMC Group LLC and has been a cybersecurity subject matter expert supporting government and private sector clients as an independent consultant since 2006. He is a retired Air Force Civil Engineering officer and continues working with the Department of Defense developing cybersecurity policy, standards and guidelines for Facility-Related Control Systems, and assists project teams through the Risk Management Framework process. In addition to his activities with control systems, he is also deeply engaged with IT cloud services. He has taken private sector clients through the FedRAMP authorization process and currently has 5 active cloud authorizations and a sixth in final stage of approval. He is working with several control system vendors to implement cloud based solutions such as Lighting as a Service. He is the author and special contributor to numerous DHS, NIST and professional society publications, the creator and maintainer of the Whole Building Design Guide Cybersecurity website, and the creator and instructor of numerous cybersecuring control system workshops.

Discussion Leader: Billy Rios

Billy is the founder of Whitescope LLC, a startup focused on embedded device security.  Billy is recognized as one of the world’s most respected experts on emerging threats related to Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Critical Infrastructure (CI), and, medical devices. He discovered thousands of security vulnerabilities in hardware and software supporting ICS and critical infrastructure. Billy has worked at Google where he led the front line response for externally reported security issues and incidents.  Prior to Google, Billy was the Security Program Manager at Internet Explorer (Microsoft).

Discussion Leader: Larry Grate

Mr. Grate is an experienced Director of Technology with a demonstrated history working in the industrial automation industry. His skills include: process control, control systems design, SCADA, HMIs, network convergence and OT cyber security. With 30+ years of experience and a bachelors in electrical engineering from Mercer University, Mr. Grate is a strong engineering professional.