Inside the Control System – Components, Processes, and Automation

February 22, 2018


This session covers hardware, software, systems, information flow and operations unique to these environments (to include PLC’s, HMIs, Historians, Field Devices, Controller devices, Operating Systems (yes Microsoft)).  We will cover basic network structure and design architecture related to technical components (PLC, HMIs, Field devices, etc.) and information. The variety of control system architectures across various sectors (electrical, manufacturing, transportation, health, etc.) will be addressed.

This session will address questions to include:  What components are found inside a control or operating technology system? What is process control?  What is a set point or a flow point?  What are an engineering Safety Systems?  What are the primary directives for these systems?  What differentiates these components from their IT equivalents?

NOTE: This meetup has already taken place.  Paid members are able to access the recorded content at

Discussion Leader: Bryan Singer

Bryan has an extensive background in a variety of industries including manufacturing, DoD, healthcare, and others. His proven professional skills include system architecture and design, software project management, application development, system administration, network administration, database design and administration, and multi-tier support. Previously he was the chairman of ISA-62443/ISA-99 Industrial Control Systems Security Standards body; Interim Governing Board, for the Process Control Security Forum; and an industry representative for security architecture concerns to almost every major manufacturing, utilities, and other critical infrastructure. His specialties are: 1) System Architecture and Design using methodologies including UML, Rational Unified Process, Booch, Yourdon, etc.; 2) MES, EAI, ERP, LIMS, PLC, DCS, HMI, and other manufacturing systems; 3) Client/Server development in Java, JSP, ASP, C/C++, Visual C++, VB, PERL, Shell (ksh, csh, sh, bash), SQL, PL/SQL, and HTML; 4) Physical and network vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, information assurance, and biometrics, and; 5) • PGP, SSH, VPN, WEP, SSL, WAP, 802.1x, RADIUS, etc

Discussion Leader: Emmett Moore

Emmett is the founder and CEO of Red Trident Inc.. Over the years, he has focused on Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Research, and Security Services. He has been responsible for all aspects of the product development life cycle in the Oil & Gas Industry. As a project specialist he handled a multitude of roles, which included managing high level automation projects for the oil and gas industry, as well as being a technical specialist various other projects.