Keys to an Effective Control System Security Program

June 28, 2018 (10:00am EST)


This session will identify each of the key areas that enable organizations to run effective control systems security programs.

This session will introduce key elements to include but not be limited to budgets, governance, policy, assessments, incident response, change management and oval risk management techniques with a deeper look at some of these same areas in forthcoming sessions will be an understanding of how prioritization is accomplished in situations where most of us do not and may never have enough resources.

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Discussion Leader: Mille Gandelsman

Mille leads Indegy’s technology research and product management activities. Prior to Indegy, Mille led engineering efforts for Stratoscale and spent several years leading cyber security research for Israel’s elite intelligence corps. Mille is a graduate of the elite Talpiot military academy and holds a Masters degree with honors in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

Discussion Leader: Ernest Wohnig

Mr. Wohnig is an internationally recognized cyber security and assurance leader having written, presented, and advised senior corporate and federal leadership on security and assurance issues across the energy sector and to the federal government for over 20 years. Mr. Wohnig has advised clients across several industries, helping them understand their risk posture and to develop proactive security strategies and programs resulting in clear alignment of security investments to business value. Mr. Wohnig is one of the key figures shaping the discussion and practice of cyber security in the critical infrastructure and industrial control system arenas.

Prior to joining the private sector, Mr. Wohnig served as an Air Force Intelligence Officer and worked as a Network Security Analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). During his tenure at DIA he authored principle portions of National Intelligence Estimates and IC position papers on cyber and security threats to critical infrastructure systems. Mr. Wohnig also briefed senior federal leaders in the Senate, State Department, and Joint Staff regarding cyber threats to the U.S. military and civilian infrastructure and was responsible for DIA coordination and leadership of community assessments related to East Asia. For his efforts during this time, Mr. Wohnig was awarded a National Intelligence Council Medallion.

Discussion Leader: Robert Bevis

Bob is the founder of Verve Industrial and leads the technical vision for the company. With over 25 years of cyber security, ICS system design, and project management, Bob’s unique ability to understand cyber security requirements (including NERC-CIP) in an operating environment enable scalable, cost effective and efficient security solutions.

Discussion Leader: Karl Perman

Karl is the Operational Technology Security Lead in KPMG’s Risk Consulting practice with over 30 years of experience delivering critical infrastructure, business protection, compliance, risk management and law enforcement consulting services. He has developed and implemented critical infrastructure protection programs, developed security technology infrastructure to protect assets, created vulnerability assessments in diverse environments, established organizational strategies and value-added security programs, and led high-level, complex investigations of criminal conduct and employee misconduct. His career includes senior level positions including Director of Security, North American Transmission Forum; Manager, Infrastructure Protection and Regulatory Compliance at Exelon Corporation; and Manager, Corporate Investigative and Protective Services at Southern California Edison.