The Control Systems Ecosystem – Suppliers

April 26, 2018


This session will go into who are all the players in this ecosystem.  Examples are: OEMs, suppliers, vendors, integrators, key consultants and their interrelationships and influences on the market.  We will discuss some great progress being made by participants in this supply chain, but also the significant challenges we still face.

This session will address questions to include:   Who has responsibility for security in an offered/procured component?  How does one conduct due diligence on suppliers?  What are fair expectations associated with such due diligence? How are vendors adapting to the increased demand for built-in security and greater support for security issues from customers? What do they feel they can do better?

NOTE: This meetup has already taken place.  Paid members are able to access the recorded content at

Discussion Leader: Cherise Esparza-Gutierrez

Cherise Esparza-Gutierrez is the co-founder & CTO at SecurityGate, is an industry pioneer for implementation of Achilles Practice Certification PCD/ICS offshore technology cyber security for rig fleet. She is an innovative IT/ICS operations professional with 11+ years’ experience of managing IT & ICS network infrastructures, OT/PCD/ICS/IT cyber security based on (WIB/IEC 62443; NIST 800-53, ISO2700(1&2)), and operational risk management within the corporate & ICS network environments. She specializes in cyber security, enterprise telecommunications, network engineering design, ICS/SCADA/OT security, IT risk management, and Incident Response.

Discussion Leader: Graham Speake

Graham Speake, the CISO at Berkana Resources Corporation, is a senior cyber security professional with broad experience leading global Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) cybersecurity programs for the protection of mission critical systems and infrastructure. He has established expertise in developing and delivering security and security awareness training courses and subject-matter experience in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) & SCADA cybersecurity, particularly in oil and gas majors. He has managed risk numerous large capital value projects and architected global solutions for Oil & Gas and Industrial Automation customers. He is a frequent presenter and panelist at security and industry events and has extensive experience designing and developing real time automation systems, with in depth knowledge of industry security frameworks and best practices such as: ISA-99/IEC-62443 and NIST 800-82. Graham is an active member of ISA-99 standards development programs.

Discussion Leader: Rob Garry

Rob Garry, VP Product Cyber Security at GE, is an experienced Chief Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Power Plants, Root Cause Analysis, Power Systems, Renewable Energy, and Engineering. Strong finance professional with a BS focused in Electrical Engineering from Union College.