Local Peer-to-Peer Networking on a Global Scale

As a member of (CS)2AI, you join a global community of Control System Cyber Security practitioners who are motivated to improve and develop both personally and professionally in this highly critical and consequential field. (CS)2AI delivers a venue for peer-to-peer connections, small-group interactions with leading industry experts, the sharing of experiences, challenges and best practices, and resources you need to develop and grow. Explore the growing range of exclusive (CS)2AI member opportunities designed to help you reach the next level in your career journey:

Local Peer-to-Peer Networking

Meet and share with like-minded industry professionals and experts

  • Catered meetings encourage discussion, debate, and information sharing
  • 1000’s of connections made across companies, levels, and disciplines
  • 150+ worldwide chapters share information and resources

Education Outreach Program

Train and grow diverse workforce through high school and university mentorship

  • Strategic partnerships with prominent universities
  • Highly-developed mentor program for high school and college students
  • Hands on training environment, with short courses and workshops
  • Supported by the US Department of Justice

College Integration Program

Cultivate interest, grow knowledge, and foster career opportunities for students with ICS interest

  • Local Outreach Chair connects with University Career Center staff
  • Merit-based National/International Student
  • Scholarship Competition, for tuition and/or certification scholarships
  • Quarterly (CS)2AI Job Fair (virtual or physical)

Talent Matchmaker

Bridge career opportunities between entities and members in the (CS)2 marketplace

  • Provide job posting services for companies specifically seeking (CS)2 professionals
  • Be the go-to resource for professionals interested in a new (CS)2 position
  • Ensure that vetting and training opportunities are available to ensure job string matchmaking

Professional Round Table

Peer-sharing and feedback in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment

  • Small group (7-10) of fellow (CS)2AI members meet monthly
  • Not an advice forum…experience sharing
  • Non-competing group composition based on member profiles

Industry Influence

Influence (CS)2-related public policy and standards & certification bodies

  • Connect prominent industry leaders to collectively prioritize and drive beneficial outcomes
  • Author and promote legislation in the Control System Cyber Security industry’s best interests
  • Influence the scope of Control Systems Cyber Security certifications